Why Should I Hire a SSDI Disability Lawyer?

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Are thinking about or have already filed for Social Security disability benefits? You should consider hiring a SSDI disability lawyer for help.  Many people think that applying for disability benefits is simple and fast.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  The initial application process requires a lot.  It includes paperwork and medical records.  Also, you must complete several forms.  The process can become confusing and overwhelming. 

You do not need to hire a SSDI disability lawyer to represent you. Although, hiring a disability lawyer can improve your chances of a successful claim.  There are many reasons why you should work with a SSDI disability lawyer.  Contact Boston’s trusted criminal defense lawyer in case of accident.

Advantages of Hiring a SSDI Disability Lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced SSDI disability lawyer.  First, a SSDI disability lawyer will serve as your advocate.  They guide you through the process.  Social Security has very specific definitions of disability.  This includes a Blue Book listing of medical impairments.  These conditions qualify people for disability benefits.  A SSDI disability lawyer can help you understand these listings.  They will assist you in getting the right evidence to support your claim. 

A SSDI disability lawyer reviews your initial application

Secondly, a SSDI disability lawyer reviews your initial application.  They look for important missing information.  Any mistakes or missing information can effect on your claim throughout the entire process.  An SSDI disability lawyer can help you avoid making any serious mistakes. 

A SSDI disability lawyer deals with Social Security

Third, your SSDI disability lawyer stays in touch with Social Security.  They want to make sure your claim is moving forward.  They can help you in completing important forms.  Also, your disability lawyer will answer any questions that you have. 

Lastly, a SSDI disability lawyer will file any necessary appeals.  You don’t’ want to miss any deadlines.  Social Security may make you start over from the beginning.  An SSDI disability lawyer appeals your claim before any deadlines.

How A SSDI Disability Lawyer Can Increase My Chances

A SSDI disability lawyer knows the application process.  They have gone through the process many times.  They know why Social Security denies claims.  A SSDI disability lawyer also knows what it takes to get a claim approved.  They can get your claim on the right track.  Also, providing the right information quickly helps your application go faster. 

A SSDI disability knows Social Security’s rules

A SSDI disability lawyer presents your case in a way to give you the best chance of winning your claim.   Social Security has special disability rules for people over age 50.  They are called “grid rules.”  The grid rules consider several factors when looking at your claim.  They include your age, education and work background.  An experienced SSDI disability lawyer can explain how these grid rules work.  They can tell you if they apply in your claim. 

Case study 1:  applying the grid rules

For example, say you are over the age of 50 and previously worked as a cashier.  You had to stop working because you have arthritis in your knees.  Now, you can no longer stand or walk for long periods of time.  A SSDI disability lawyer can tell you what records will help win your case.  They can also provide you with forms for your doctor to complete to help support your claim.  These are known as Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) forms. 

Social Security Hearings

Working with a SSDI disability lawyer gives you a valuable advantage at the hearing level.  SSDI disability lawyers are experienced appearing at hearings.  They know the judges.   Therefore, they can tell you what the judge is like at hearing. 

Understand the hearing process

Generally, hearings are not like court on television.   Social Security disability hearings take place in private hearing rooms. You do not sit in a witness box.  There is not another attorney asking you questions. However, they still require you to follow certain rules.  You do provide testimony under oath.  Sometimes, there are medical and vocational or job experts that testify. 

Be prepared for your hearing

An experienced SSDI disability attorney will get you ready for your hearing.  They tell you the questions the judge will ask you.  Typically, your disability attorney practices answering these questions with you.  Additionally, they will also explain the roles of all the people present during a hearing, including any experts.  Many times, the judges will have vocational experts testify.  Vocational experts know about jobs.  They help the judge understand how your past work is categorized.  In addition, they will also testify how physical and mental restrictions impacts work in general. 

A SSDI lawyer completes your file

Most importantly, your SSDI disability attorney reviews your file.  They get any additional evidence or documentation that you may need to get your claim approved.  They explain how the judge will review the medical evidence. 

Disability Help Group:  Winning case study

For instance, Sarah didn’t think she needed a disability lawyer.  Her doctors told her that she was a good candidate for disability benefits.  Unfortunately, Social Security denied her two times.  At that point, Sarah turned to Disability Help Group.  We reviewed her file.  We discovered that some important medical evidence was missing from her file.  Sarah’s advocate sent the missing records to the judge.  The judge approved Sarah’s case.  Her only regret was not hiring Disability Help Group sooner. 

What is the cost of hiring a SSDI disability lawyer?

There are no up-front costs to hiring a SSDI disability lawyer.  If you are not approved for disability benefits, you don’t pay any fees.  Social Security has rules that decide how much a disability lawyer is paid. 

Social Security regulates our fees

An SSDI disability lawyer cannot get more than 25% of your back pay up to $6,000 under Social Security’s rules.  In other words, $6,000 is the most a SSDI disability lawyer can get paid.  For example, if you were awarded $40,000 in back pay, then your SSDI disability lawyer receives $6,000 in attorney’s fees. 

Social Security pays us directly

Social Security will automatically withhold your SSDI disability lawyer’s fee.  Then, Social Security will pay your attorney.  Social Security will send the rest of your back pay directly to you. 

Costs associated with your claim

However, there could be costs associated with getting your medical records.  These costs are separate from any attorney’s fees.   You must repay these costs directly to your SSDI disability lawyer. 

When should I call a SSDI disability lawyer?

Generally, it is better to contact an SSDI disability lawyer as early as possible.  Especially if you are considering filing for disability, you should call a SSDI disability lawyer for a free consultation.  They can look at the strength of your case.  They can assist with the initial application process. 

Get help now

However, all is not lost if you have already filed an application.  Moreover, you can hire a SSDI disability lawyer during any stage in the process.  They can answer any questions that you have about appealing your claim . An SSDI disability lawyer can also help you figure out what went wrong the first time around. 

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