What are Social Security Disability Interview Questions?

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What are Social Security Disability Interview Questions?  Social Security has two types of benefits for disabled people.  The first is for people who have worked a certain number of years.  These are disability insurance benefits or SSDI benefits. The secondis a needs based benefit.  It is for people who meet certain financial requirements. These are Supplemental Security Income or SSI benefits. 

Social Security Disability Interview Questions

First, your medical conditionsmust keep you from working.   Second, you must be unable to work for at least twelve months.  To file, you must provide certain information. 

What Happens During the Social Security Disability Interview?

The claims representative asks you a series of questions.  Your interview can take place in person or over the telephone.  It generally lasts for about an hour.

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Specifically, a claims representative will ask you:

  • Your current name and any past names you have used
  • Your social security number
  • About your education
  • Names and dates of birth of your children under the age of 18 and your spouse
  • Dates of marriages and divorces
  • Bank information for Direct Deposit
  • An alternate contact person in case they can’t reach you
  • Worker’s compensation information, if applicable

In addition, you must provide your work history.  Only the last 15 years is important.  This work history should include:

  • Last worked Date
  • The name of your previous employers
  • Your job title
  • The dates that you approximately worked for each employer

Your medical information should include:

  • All of your medical conditions
  • Your doctor’s information
  • Emergency Room or Hospitalizations
  • A list of your medications

Naturally, disability applications require a lot of information.  It is best to get this information before your interview.  Social Security may send you a form to fill out before your interview.  This form helps you put the information together.  In any case, it is always best to write this information out clearly. 

Social Security asks additional questions if you are applying for SSI.  These questions involve:

  • Where you live, including who lives with you
  • Household expenses
  • All sources of income for you and your spouse
  • The amount of your resources

Documentation Social Security Will Ask For

You will also have to provide Social Security with some documents.  These are in addition to the information you have given.  The documents include:

  • Birth certificate
  • A government-issued picture ID
  • A medical release Form SSA-827 (Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration)

Why You Should be Prepared

The Social Security disability interview process is crucial to your application.  Therefore, providing complete information gives you a better chance for winning your case.  Also, you can avoid problems or delays in your application. Missing information can often lead to being denied. 

For example, a 53-year old named Sam filed an application for benefits.  He stopped working because he injured his back.  However, he had also been seeing a psychiatrist for depression.  Sam had worked for many years as a warehouse manager.  When he filed, he forgot to tell Social Security about his psychiatrist.  Eventually, Social Security denied his claim. They thought he could do other manager jobs.  Sam turned to Disability Help Group (DHG) for help.  At the hearing, DGH lawyergave the judge records from the psychiatrist.  As a result, the judge approved Sam’s case. The judge found that he couldn’t perform the warehouse job because of his knee injuries.  In addition, he couldn’t do other manager jobs because of his depression.  If he worked with his lawyer before filing, then he could have been approved sooner. 

Getting Help with Your Claim

The process for applying for SSDI or SSI can be overwhelming.  Hiring an experienced SSDI disability lawyer can improve your chances of a successful claim.  Your SSDI disability lawyer can:

  • Help you prepare for your interview,
  • Understand the Social Security disability process, and
  • Keep in contact with Social Security to make sure your claim is moving forward. 

Best of all, SSDI lawyers only receive a fee if you are approved for benefits. 

When you work with a lawyer, you have more time to gather this information.  Additionally, your lawyer will make sure you include key information.  Therefore avoiding any problems like Sam had. 

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