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I would like to thank the entire Staff at Disability Help Group along with my caseworker Carmen Perez, who would answers my calls and questions I may have had during my journey with disability. I was so excited about how they called and sent a person right out to go over the paperwork with me, The attorneys were awesome as well, again I would like to thank the entire staff that works with the Disability Help Group. I have already shared my experience with several friends and family members who may benefit from this company. Thank You again, Disability Help Group Linda C.

- Linda C.

Valerie Ceran Was very helpful in my case she helpful with case in explaining thing and make sure that I understood what was being said to me. I highly recommend Disability help group.

- Gwendolyn W.

I would like to especially thank Valerie Ceran and Paul Atkinson IV. My suggestion is to work with these experienced professionals for the best results. Their professionalism and their clear & direct assistance with my case led to a successful outcome.

- Daniel C.

Ms Brittany Bucknor is doing a great job keeping me updated on my case.

- Brian C.

I been working with Brittney Bucknor, she has been very helpful with all my questions.

- Leticia M.

DHG is certainly the kind of Friend you would want; and in my case NEEDED! My wife and I are very scant on the rules & reg's on what needs to be done and what should be done. Brittney Buckner, our case worker, has done some AMAZING things and greatly helped us put the process in order for all to understand and benefit from!!! Thank You So Much for Brittney Buckner!!! Things can get a bit acattered these days and Brittney Buckner used her intelligent resources to engage and inform all pertinent parties of the information that had to be documented in a certain way. Brittney did this with elegance and left no holes unfilled for anyone to fall in. Great job DHG and Brittney Buckner!!!! We feel we are saved and can get our life back in order and continue with some dignity!! You are a real Friend to those that need the right info and a calming voice. Thank You Again and Again! They Listen and will Help!!! Sincerely , Mike & Maka F.

- Michael F.

I just want to thank everyone at the facility for helping me. I was approved for disability yesterday, its been a long road but in the end I got it. Thank you Stephanie Chambers, thank you Natalie Burns, thank you Eti. I will recommend you guys to others.

- Justin H.

Hi… I want to be clear, past reviews I've commented on, were comments to those who had questions and poor reviews… I've been working with this group for sometime now and they have positively answered any and all questions I've had… Yes I mentioned the reasoning on their tardiness on call backs of the past but understandably, being overwhelmed with a system that works against those seeking disability help creates a tough job for those who help people like myself… I recommend if you plan on seeking the help of the Disability Help Group to be patient, understanding of the process and respectful… They will help you and work with you in a manner that's understanding to your issues and needs… Disability Help Group is not the Judge or the system that determines your case outcome, they are the people that help you through that process… I, Jamie M.F. recommend their services if you need help with this process and gives a positive review… regardless of my case outcome I appreciate all that they have done for me.. ThankYou, Jamie

- Jamie F.

My case developer, Courtney McNealy, made me feel valued instead of being just another customer! She thoroughly explained the disability hearing process, she kept open and honest communication with me and she was courteous and sympathetic towards me. I am lucky to have her on my team.

- Donna S.

The Service was Amazing, The Disability Help Group got my Disability for Cancer through in only 4 months! Every time I called and spoke to a representative I was treated with courtesy and respect, I plan to refer them to anyone I meet going through the same situation. KEEP up the good work !!

- Erica G.

I was approve for disability and had a lot of question regarding the programs. The ssa office was no help. I was able to speak to Dailyn Rodriguez who answered all my question and explain to me the next step

- Michael.

I was very please with Athlene and Ashley (attorney) for the hard work they did on my case. Athlene would contact me, return my calls, very quickly. She was very pleasant and understandable about my disability. She make sure she had all my medical records. Ashley was very knowledgeable about my case. I was able to ask questions. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Thank you so much.

- Isaac S.

Veronica Marshall was so helpful and thorough. My mother is blind and she's in dire need of returning to the doctor for cancer. Veronica made sure that we talked to the lawyer right away and followed up with us often. She answered all of our questions promptly and had amazing customer service and interpersonal skills. I even called and needed a return call from her and she was very quick to return my call.

- Meagan L.

I can't even begin to say thank you enough. Meghan, my advocate and Laurie my attorney were phenomenal! I highly recommend Disability Help Group to everyone who may be filing for disability in the future! 5 stars!

- Dawn S.

I just want to thank you for your help with my disability claim. Everyone kept telling me it would take a year or two to get my claim in. Your group did it for me in a great timely manner. Everyone was very polite and kept me informed. The person I want to thank is Sue. She was very courteous and helpful. I would recommend this group to my family and friends.

- Delores F.

The staff was friendly, and went out if their way to help me. Special thanks to Theresa for all her hard work and staying on top of my case. She was on top of her game. Thanks again

- Richard B.

i would like to thank u miss Dominique for getting what i needed and everyone that help thank u !!

- Patricia F.

I never understood the way the system worked so I figured I would just not get benefits. When I called I was treated with respect and every question I had was answered. I am getting benefits now. These people care and they have answers.

- Chris J.

This company has been amazing. They were able to process my paperwork quickly. Although it took over 2 years to see a judge, that was because of where I live. The Case Developers were responsive, helpful and courteous. The Advocate the won my case for me was intelligent and professional. I will be referring others for sure. Thanks DHG

- Ricky D.

My caseworker was Mari…she rocks and goes above the call of duty to help her clients….!! Having a caring and pleasant professional guiding me was indeed a blessing…!!! Many thanks….!!!

- Tammie G.

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful job you did for me. Very professional and courteous through out the whole time. I will recommend your [advocacy group] to anyone needing help.

- Dennis B.

Disability Help Group is a WONDERFUL group. Mary is an amazing employee. She was so helpful, sweet, caring and so full of information. She explained everything to me step by step. Saying Thank You is just not enough. Thank You once again, on a scale 1-10 Mary gets a 12.

- Evelyn R.

Just a line to let everyone there know how wonderful Mari is. She has gone through this three year ordeal with me when I was going through Cancer Treatment, Dental work (teeth removed because of Radiation), Back and Neck procedures. She is an asset to your company in a big way. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, she has a warm way about her that makes you feel like part of the family. Future clients will be very fortunate to have her in their corner. Thank you again Mari, your wonderful! I hope her superiors will read this and acknowledge her work. Thank you everyone.

- Suzanne S.

I highly recommend Disability Help Group! They stay in constant contact with you and answer any & all questions that you may have. There are not many companies out there anymore that anyone can recommend, but this one I absolutely do!! They have been a pleasure to work with!! Anyone looking for help on filing for disability, give them a call !!

- Karen S.

I totally agree 100% with the Disability Help Group’s petition to change Florida statute 395.3025! For nearly two decades, I was denied my disability benefits because of lack of medical records! How could someone sick and unemployed afford them? I hope and pray that you reach your signature goal and change the Florida statute. I can’t thank you enough. They saved my life and my family!

- James T.

The medical records department will have ongoing communication with you as they prepare your file for the hearing. This will include obtaining your work history and physical/mental health history. The team gathers all of your records necessary for proving that you are disabled and cannot work, as well as assisting in trying to ensure that your doctors complete your medical forms.

- Jasmine M.

Being a part of the staff at the Disability Help Group is very rewarding. Each day we’re given the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives. It’s good to know that what you do can change someone’s life. By helping our clients’ secure their Social Security Disability benefits, we’re not only helping them financially, we’re also helping them achieve a better way of life. When a client is awarded disability, they are able to pay their bills and can seek proper medical care. Most of all, it gives our clients a sense of relief now that they don’t have to worry about the things that are taken for granted every day.

- Clara.

The claim developers at the Disability Help Group understand how long the SSA process is. They are all well-versed in all steps of the disability process – starting with filing your initial application or reconsideration, to filing an appeal and preparing for your hearing. The staff works closely with the claimant to ensure that everything is prepared for the hearing.

- Ricky A.

The Disability Help Group works hard to protect your privacy. During this time of uncertainty, you want to work with a company that you know is going to treat you with respect and that will ensure your personal information is safe-guarded. Whenever I send their office a time- or information-sensitive document, the staff makes sure they’re there to receive it and that the record becomes a part of my file.

- Margaret P.

I’m convinced that great teamwork and communication make the Disability Help Group one of the most successful disability advocacy groups.

- Alex K.

It’s so great that the Disability Help Group helps you with your application for Social Security Disability Benefits. If it weren’t for them, I would’ve spent hours at the Social Security Administration filing my application. I decided to call the Disability Help Group and we completed my application over the phone. The staff is forthcoming with information about the questions asked on the application and the process, and they make sure all your answers are accurate and complete. The company also gathered all of my medical records and submitted them to Social Security to ensure my claim of disability was substantiated and well-documented.

- Marlene M.

The paperwork is constant, doctors’ appointments are often frequent and inconvenient, and there are bills to stress over, pain, medications and side effects, among other struggles that claimants face on a daily basis. The process of applying for disability benefits is just plain frustrating. I am grateful to be able to say that the staff at the Disability Help Group relieved some of the stress and helped make the process run smoothly. My mother became disabled and was able to obtain disability benefits. Receiving benefits has eased a tremendous financial hardship in my family and this is why I support the Disability Help Group as advocates for people in such need.

- Danny C.

At the Disability Help Group the staff fights for disabled people to get disability benefits. They truly understand that it’s hard to survive in today’s society, especially when you’re disabled. By helping at least one person win their case, they are making a difference in the community.

- Diane F.

The Disability Help Group continues to assist you even after you’ve won your claim for disability benefits. After I was awarded my benefits, I was assigned a representative who maintained communication with the Social Security Administration to ensure I received all of the benefits I was entitled to receive. My representative was also always there for me whenever I had questions.

- Randy H.

The Disability Help Group helped me appeal the denial I recently received from the Social Security Administration. The staff worked hard to gather my most current medical records so that at my hearing the judge could base his/her decision on the latest information about my condition. Though my hearing date has not been set yet, the staff keeps me updated throughout the process.

- Timothy F.

When I was diagnosed with my illness, I didn’t know what to do with myself. After watching a commercial on television, I called the Disability Help Group. When I first made the call I had a ton of questions, but the representative I spoke to was so patient and took the time to put me at ease. They also helped me start an application for disability benefits which was a great help. I call the company once a month to get an update on my claim. Each time I call, I am greeted warmly and provided with the information I need. I would recommend the Disability Help Group to everyone – they’re AWESOME!

- Olga M.

The representatives at the Disability Help Group have the experience and knowledge to effectively guide you through the Social Security Disability or SSI claims process. I was denied twice by Social Security before I called the Disability Help Group for a free consultation. I simply explained my situation to one of their representatives and she kindly offered me advice and explained how the company could assist me.

- Janet M.

The Disability Help Group sets out to make the life of their clients a little easier. You would never believe they serve so many clients. The personalized attention lets me know that the Disability Help Group is there to help me.

- Joe L.

The Disablity Help Group worked hard to develop my Social Security Disability case by gathering strong medical evidence in order to prove that I am disabled and unable to work. Whenever Disability Determination Services (DDS) would schedule an examination of my physical or mental health, the staff at the Disability Help Group would contact me to advise me of the date and time so that I wouldn’t miss them. The staff would also review DDS questionaires with me to ensure they were completed correctly and sent back to DDS in a timely manner.

- Tara D.

The Disability Help Group represented me in my Social Security Disability case. The sooner they get involved the better your chances will be of winning your case and receiving your disability payments.

- Anita R.

I want to thank the Disability Help Group for assisting me. I will acknowledge the company to anyone I know who is fighting to secure their Social Security disability benefits. Thank you and may God bless the entire company.

- Kristin A.

May God bless you! My sincere thanks to your company for the work done on my disability case.

- Patty V.

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"The case managers were very professional and courteous. They called me at times to see if my condition had improved, stabilized or have gotten worse. They kept up with all my doctor’s diagnoses, and notes of every doctors visit. This company was truly involved in helping my disability case. I can’t show how I appreciate this company in mere words. They were truly concerned, thank you again."
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