How Can I Check on My Disability Claim?

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How Can I Check on My Disability Claim? It takes Social Security time to process your disability application.  There are several steps that Social Security takes before making a decision on your claim.  Checking your Social Security application status is an easy way to stay on top of your Social Security application.  You can make sure there is no missing information slowing down your application.

However, there are different guidelines for checking the status of a claim.  There are also different departments that handle your claim.  It can be confusing and frustrating if you’re not sure who to contact for the status of your claim. 

Ways to Check the Status of Your Application

There are several ways to check the status of your Social Security disability claim.  These include:

  • Online at the SSA website at .  If you are checking the status of your application online, you will need to create a “my Social Security” account. 
  • Contact your local Social Security office
  • Contact Social Security’s national telephone at 1-800-772-1213
  • Contacting you Social Security disability lawyer

Information Needed to Check Your Claim Status

In order to provide you information about your claim, Social Security will ask for specific information.  You should have this information available before speaking with Social Security.  This includes:

  • Your name
  • Social Security number
  • Address
  • Email
  • A phone number for Social Security to reach you

Checking on Initial Applications or Reconsideration Claims

First, you send your disability claim to your local Social Security office.  Second, the local office processes your application.  Third, your claim is sent to Disability Determination Services or DDS.  DDS assigns a claims representative to your case.  The person assigned to your case is the claims adjudicator. 


Even if you need to check the status of your claim at the initial application or on reconsideration (the first appeal), it is best to speak directly with the claims adjudicator assigned to your case.  DDS often will include your claims’ adjudicator’s name and phone number on letters and forms that they send you.  Your claims adjudicator will give you the status of your claim and tell you what information they are waiting for.  However, the claims adjudicator cannot tell you Social Security’s decision on your claim. You will receive a decision letter in the mail.

DDS will assign a different claims adjudicator at the reconsideration level. 

Especially if you have not received any letters or forms, you can also call your local office for additional information.  Social Security recommends that you wait at least thirty days before checking on the status of your claim. 


DDS mails you letters that tell you what information is missing from your claim.  This generally includes a list of your doctors that Social Security has contacted.  The letters state that they will make a decision within 10 days if they do not receive the requested information.  Do not panic if you receive these letters.  At times, you may receive this notice very shortly after your claims adjudicator sends a request to your doctors, giving them very little time to respond.  It is best to follow up with your claims adjudicator or your disability lawyer to receive an accurate update on the status of your claim. 

Checking on Hearing Level Claims

You can appeal at reconsideration level and request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Once a request has been filed, your claim is sent to the hearing office(OHO). Your claim will be assigned and scheduled for a hearing. It may take several months for OHO to schedule your hearing.

Speaking to the correct office

If your case is at the hearing level, it is best to contact the hearing office directly.  The hearing offices are separate from Social Security.  Therefore, your local office will not have much information about your claim at that point.  At best, the local office will only confirm that your case is at the hearing office.  

If You Have a SSDI disability lawyer

A disability lawyer will make these calls and check on the status of your claim for you. An experienced disability lawyer will perform regular status checks with Social Security. Since they are familiar with all aspects of the process, they will know who to call to get accurate information. A disability lawyer will also help you to complete all the paperwork. Overall, hiring an experienced disability lawyer can help to make the claims process easier.

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