Can I Check My Disability Status Online?

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You can check the status of your Social Security disability claim online.

What your application status shows when you check your status online, you can find:

  • Your re-entry number for your online application or appeal that hasn’t been submitted
  • The date Social Security received your application or appeal
  • Your scheduled hearing date and time
  • The location of your application or appeal including the address of the office processing your application
  • If a decision has been made

How to check your disability application status online

You must sign into your “my Social Security” account.  You can’t check the status of your claim online if you don’t have a “my Social Security” account.  First, scroll down to the “Your Benefit Application” section.  Next, select “View Details” to check your application status. 

How to create a “my Social Security” account

Social Security asks you for specific information to create an online account.  However, you can only create an account for yourself.  You can’t create an account for another person.  You will need the following in order to view your Social Security disability online status:

  • Firstly, A valid email address
  • Secondly, Your social security number
  • Thirdly, A U.S. mailing address
  • You must be at least 18 years old

Other ways to check your application status

If you can’t get online to check the status of your application, you can also:

  • Call your local Social Security office or Social Security’s national telephone number or disability lawyer
  • Call the claims adjudicator assigned to your case

Why should I check my disability status online?

You should check the status so you can:

  • Make sure Social Security has all of the paperwork to process your application or receives your medical records.
  • Avoid missing any deadlines to appeal your claim if you are denied

Filing for Social Security Disability Online Status

There are many steps Social Security takes before making a decision on your claim.  Generally, it takes Social Security time to process your disability application.  There are also different departments that handle your claim.  Additionally, the application process requires a lot of paperwork.  Overall, the disability process can be overwhelming and frustrating when you don’t know how it works. 

  1.  You send your disability application to your local Social Security office. 
  2. The local office processes your application. 
  3. Social Security sends your claim to Disability Determination Services or DDS. Shortly after you have been assigned a claim adjudicator, he or she will contact you and provide paperwork regarding your claim.

Disability Status Online: Reconsideration

If Social Security denies your initial application, you file an appeal for reconsideration.

Disability Status Online: Requesting a Hearing

If Social Security denies your reconsideration appeal, you then request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.  Social Security sends your case to the hearing office, called the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO).  OHO assigns an administrative law judge (ALJ) to your case.  You will receive a letter telling you of the date, time and location of your hearing.   It may take several months for OHO to schedule your hearing. 

Benefits of Working with a Disability Advocate

Most importantly, an experienced disability advocate knows the process.  They will guide and appeals process and explain the disability rules.  They can help you get the right evidence to support your claim.  Additionally, your disability advocate checks the status of your case regularly.  They will make sure that there isn’t any missing information. 

Example 1:  help with Social Security’s forms

As an example, Social Security sends you several forms to complete.  Specifically, they will send you forms about your daily activities.  They also need more information about the type of work you’ve done in the past.  Unfortunately, Social Security can deny your claim if they don’t get these forms from you.   These forms can seem overwhelming.  However, your disability advocate can help you complete these forms.  They will also make sure that Social Security receives your completed forms. 

Example 2:  following up with Social Security

Many times, Social Security sends you letters that tell you what information is missing from your claim.  These letters will tell you that some of your doctors haven’t sent in records.  Your disability advocate can check on the status of your claim with Social Security.  Often, they will get more accurate information than the letters or an online status check will provide.  Then, your disability advocate works with you to make sure Social Security gets all of your medical records. 

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