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My disability claimwas denied. How do I file an appeal?

A: The majority of initial claims are denied and sadly, most claimants become discouraged and do not appeal the VA’s decision. No special form is required to begin the appeal process. All that is needed initially is a written statement that you disagree with the VA’s decision. This statement is known as the Notice of Disagreement, or NOD.


The Notice of Disagreement should state why you disagree with the Regional Office’s (RO) decision. For example, if you feel that the office issuing the decision overlooked or misunderstood some evidence, or misinterpreted the law, your NOD should address that. If you received a decision for more than one claim issue, your NOD needs to be specific about which issue or issues you wish to appeal.


While the NOD is all that is needed to begin the appeal process, you will eventually need to complete a VA Form 9.


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