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What do I do when a disabled veteran in my family can no longer manage their own disability benefits?

A: A disabled veteran receiving disability benefits and other compensation through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may become unable to manage these benefits alone. When a veteran is declared incompetent in managing their VA benefits the department will attempt to appoint an approved fiduciary to receive and utilize their VA disability check and other benefits.


There are 3 parties that may serve as a disabled veterans’ fiduciary: a friend, family member, or a VA-approved fiduciary. While the VA states it attempts to allow the family to serve first as fiduciary, you may find yourself in a battle with a VA fiduciary over your rights.


If you believe your loved one is too incompetent to manage their veterans’ disability benefits you must submit a request to your VA regional office with the veterans’ name and VA file number, as well as your name and contact information.


After filing the request, you may be asked to provide evidence supporting your claim of incompetence and the need for a fiduciary to be designated, as well as your qualification to be designated as such. If accepted, anticipate being asked to go through the approval process and interview before the request is granted.


The approval process can take several months and in some cases years before fiduciary appointment is approved. Many families run into issues with providing evidence for their case, or do not act quickly enough to avoid the VA’s appointment of their own fiduciary. In these cases, a South Florida veteran’s disability representative may be able to help.


Contacting a South Florida Veterans Disability representative


Applying for veterans’ disability benefits can be a frustrating process and there may be further issues with your VA disability check and benefits even after you are approved. a representative can help a disabled veteran through all stages of the claims process, from the initial filing to appeals and making sure your rights to veterans’ disability benefits are protected.


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