Vietnam Veterans’ Skin Conditions May Be Due to Agent Orange

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has developed a list of diseases presumed to be associated with veterans’ exposure to Agent Orange. Veterans who served during the Vietnam War era may have been exposed to this toxic herbicide, which may cause several ailments.


Chloracne & Agent Orange Exposure

One of the types of presumptive diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure is chloracne, a skin condition that can impact a soldier shortly after exposure and persist for a lifetime.


Chloracne and similar acneform diseases mimic teenage acne in that they cause blackheads, cysts and nodules and result in oily skin and darkened body hair. The disease primarily affects the face around the eyes and temples, but severe cases may spread to the cheeks and sides of the face; it could even affect the arms.


Severe cases may result in open sores and permanent scars and a thickening of the skin accompanied by flaking and peeling. Most of these symptoms are more prevalent in the first few months following exposure to Agent Orange and may fade over time. However, when chloracne appears within one year after exposure and has a 10 percent disability rating, it may qualify for disability benefits.


To qualify for VA disability benefits due to a case of chloracne, you will need to prove that the condition developed within one year of exposure to Agent Orange during the applicable service periods. You may accomplish this through a VA health exam and submission of your service records.


If you are a Vietnam veteran or the child of a Vietnam veteran suffering from chronic medical conditions related to Agent Orange exposure, you or your family may be eligible for VA disability benefits. To learn more, contact the Disability Help Group to discuss your situation with a claims manager. Call today – 1-(800)-800-3332.

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How Can I Get TDIU?

How Can I Get TDIU?

Many veterans are unable to earn a living because of service-connected disabilities. Congress created a special benefit called TDIU to help these veterans live comfortably. Also known as Unemployability. TDIU pays the same monthly amount as a 100% disability rating.


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