2012 Veteran Compensation Rates for Veteran Disability Benefits

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When the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) makes a disability determination for a veteran they assign them a degree of disability ranging from 0%-100%. This percentile is important in determining your 2012 veteran compensation rates, which are shown when you check your VA compensation status.

When the Veteran Compensation Rates Change

On December 1, 2011, the VA increased the amount of compensation a disabled veteran receives when they are approved for veterans’ disability benefits. Those disabled veterans who have not yet applied for benefits through the VA are eligible for these same rates when they file a disability claim.

If you are a veteran already receiving disability benefits it is important that you check your VA compensation status periodically to make sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of a Florida veteran’s disability representative who can help you appeal any decisions against your status to get the benefits you deserve.

Periodically the VA will reassess the veteran compensation rates to increase them as the cost of living goes up. It often occurs near the time when a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) takes place in the Social Security benefits programs, as it recently did.

2012 Veteran Compensation Rates

Disabled veterans who have received their disability rating and are collecting benefits should be receiving the following monthly payments:

Veterans with no dependents:

  • 10% – $127
  • 20% – $251
  • 30%- $389
  • 40%- $560
  • 50%- $797
  • 60%- $1,009
  • 70%- $1,272
  • 80%- $1,478
  • 90%- $1,661
  • 100%- $2,769

Veterans with spouse, no children:

  • 30%- $435
  • 40%- $622
  • 50%- $874
  • 60%- $1,102
  • 70%- $1,380
  • 80%- $1,602
  • 90%- $1,800
  • 100%- $2,924

Veterans with spouse, with 1 child:

  • 30%- $469
  • 40%- $667
  • 50%- $931
  • 60%- $1,169
  • 70%- $1,459
  • 80%- $1,692
  • 90%- $1,902
  • 100%- $3,037

Additional children under the age of 18 and children over 18 but enrolled in school and considered dependents will increase the disability pay by an additional amount. There are also specific compensation rates for veterans whose spouse requires aid and attendance (A&A or A/A) and veterans with parents.

Contacting a Florida Veterans Disability representative

Every time the veteran compensation rates change you should check your VA compensation status to make sure you’re getting all of the benefits you are entitled to. Even after you’ve been granted your disability pay you may still need a veteran disability representative to help you appeal any detrimental changes in your benefits.

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