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We have compiled many different resources for you to explore on a wide variety of topics related to Social Security Disability and Veteran’s Disability Claims. Our goal is to provide you with all the information to successfully navigate the complicated waters of these types of claims. Please contact us today for assistance with any Social Security or Veteran’s Disability claim.

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We have also written several books that will help you win your Veteran’s Disability or Social Security Disability claim. Click the links below for more information!

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What Is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually happens when you suffer an injury to the brain.  Usually, this can be caused by different events.  The most common include falls, car accidents or sports injuries.  Most people recover well from symptoms caused by...

Is There Extra VA Disability for Social Security Disability Recipients?

You can receive both VA disability and Social Security disability benefits.  Frequently, disabled veterans apply for both benefits.  Receiving Social Security disability doesn’t provide extra VA disability benefits.  However, it can help increase your...

What Are the Social Security Disability GRIDS?

What Are the Social Security Disability GRIDS? Generally, Social Security defines disability as having the inability to work.  Social Security considers your ability to go back to your past work.  They also look at your ability to do other types of work.  However,...

Can I Get SSDI if I am 60 years old?

Can I Get SSDI if I am 60 years old? You can get disability benefits up until full retirement age.  Currently, full retirement age is 66 and 2 months.  Generally, winning a disability claim gets easier for people as they get older.   SSDI vs. Early...


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