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I just received notice that my claim was denied. Should I appeal the decision or start a new application?

A: Starting a new application because you’ve been denied benefits is a mistake many people make. Often times, people will start a new application because they believe it is the same as appealing the denial. By filing a new application you are essentially forfeiting your right to appeal the Social Security’s decision.


If you’re within the time allotted to appeal the SSA’s decision (60 days from the date of the Notice of Decision), you should always file an appeal. By exercising your right to appeal you may eventually have your case heard by an administrative law judge (ALJ). A formal hearing gives you the opportunity to explain your medical condition to the judge and will increase your chances of being approved for continuing and past due disability benefits.


You can request an appeal by calling the SSA directly at 1.800.772.1213. The SSA will mail you the necessary appeal forms which you will need to complete and send back in order to appeal the decision. Disability Help Group can simplify the appeals process by completing these forms on your behalf.