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Disabled Children of Vietnam Vets May Qualify for SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability

Children or grandchildren of a Vietnam vet exposed to Agent Orange who are disabled could seek help through Social Security benefits in addition to benefits through the Veteran’s Administration (VA).


The VA recognizes some birth defects – like spina bifida – as service-connected, and research has shown that Agent Orange exposure could be related to other conditions as well. This has led to the creation of an organization that focuses on education and assistance to children of vets. Founded by two daughters of Vietnam vets, Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, Inc., focuses on meeting the needs of those affected by a parent’s exposure during the course of their service.


There are many cases where children of vets have unexplainable illnesses, diseases and other health problems that aren’t family disorders. Some suffer not only physically but emotionally as well. Additionally, there are many who cannot work and are unable to perform daily tasks.


Whatever the source, if someone is suffering from a disabling condition and is unable to engage in substantial gainful activity, he or she may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The medical condition must also meet Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disability.


It may help to talk with a representative familiar with disability cases. With the help of legal counsel, an individual can learn if veteran’s disability benefits are available, or if Social Security disability benefits may be attainable.


There may be confusion about one’s rights to benefits. Or there could be uncertainty about how to complete the paperwork and the types of supporting documentation that must be gathered. Don’t hesitate to contact the Disability Help Group today.