What to Do When a Loved One Receiving Disability Benefits Dies

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If you had a loved one who received Social Security disability benefits, knowing what to do after their death can keep you from getting into a tricky situation with the Social Security Administration (SSA). To be completely sure of all your options when your loved one in Fort Lauderdale dies, consulting with a Social Security disability representative is your best bet and will help you to avoid any unnecessary red tape through this difficult time.

First Things First: Notifying the SSA of the Disability Benefits Recipient’s Death

The sooner you notify the SSA of the disability benefits recipient’s death, the better. If you have a funeral director handling your loved one’s affairs, he or she may report this for you as part of their services. If not, you’ll need to call your Social Security office or appear in person. You will need, regardless of how you contact the SSA, your loved one’s Social Security number.

Next, you’ll need to return any checks received during the month in which your loved one died. To explain, if he or she passed away in September, the check received in October (which covers September) must be returned to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Anything received in the month of September or earlier can be kept.

The Big Picture: Getting Educated on Your Options with Disability Benefits

In many cases, when a recipient of disability benefits dies, there is no need for the SSA to continue issuing payments. There are some cases, though, that require such action. When a disability recipient leaves behind a spouse, that individual may qualify for a one-time death benefit. In addition, a spouse and/or qualifying dependants may qualify for ongoing payments, equaling up to 80 percent of what the recipient typically received.

Employment is a factor. If you are the surviving spouse of a disability benefits recipient, the amount of assistance you receive on a monthly basis may be reduced from what your spouse received when he or she was alive.

While the SSA can be helpful in sharing what benefits you may qualify for after a relative’s death, SSA representatives may not have the time to spend with you to address all your concerns. A Fort Lauderdale Social Security disability representative can give you the attention you need to figure out what you must do next in order to put your mind at ease.

Call a Fort Lauderdale Social Security Disability representative

If you’ve lost a loved one in Fort Lauderdale, a Social Security disability representative will tell you timing is everything. Because disability benefits stop immediately upon an individual’s death, filing for survivor benefits must be done as soon as possible so your monthly assistance and standard of living does not suffer.

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