Housing Assistance for SSD Recipients

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Housing Assistance for SSD Recipients

Social Security disability (SSD) provides monetary benefits and medical coverage to people who: 

SSD isn’t need-based, and the amount of benefits you receive each month depends on your past earnings. That means people across a broad income spectrum receive SSD. Some may have pensions or investment income in addition to their SSD checks, or own significant property. Others may be completely or mostly dependent on their SSD income. In January of 2024, the average SSD monthly benefit was $1,537.03. 

Fortunately, other types of assistance, including housing assistance, may be available to SSD recipients. 

Does the SSA Offer Housing Assistance?

The SSA doesn’t directly offer housing assistance. However, the SSA’s determination that you are disabled may qualify you for other types of housing assistance. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers information about disability rights in housing–both the right to be free from discrimination and what type of accessibility accommodations are required. Hud also has two programs to make housing more available to low-income households that include a disabled adult. 

Both of these programs fall under Section 811. The programs are similar, and allow the disabled person and their household to choose among participating rental options that have available space. However, income limits differ. Housing under one program is available only to extremely low-income households, meaning that their household income is at or below 30% of the median income in the area. The other accepts very low-income households, who may have earnings up to 50% of the median.

While the HUD programs are the most widespread, your state or even local government may have additional assistance available for people with disabilities. In other words, while the SSA itself doesn’t offer housing assistance, there is housing assistance available to those who have been determined disabled and have low income. 

Get Help with Your SSD Claim

Managing an SSD claim and other issues such as finding the right housing assistance can be overwhelming. One of the best things you can do for yourself as an SSD applicant is to get knowledgeable help with your SSD application. Working with an experienced disability advocate not only takes some of the pressure off, but can also prevent innocent mistakes and omissions that could seriously delay your claim. 

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