What Does It Mean When My SSD Appeal Says “Under Review”?

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What Does It Mean When My SSD Appeal Says “Under Review”?

If your Social Security disability (SSD) application was denied, you may receive an “appeal under review” letter or check the status of your appeal online and see “under review.”  Many SSD applicants who aren’t prepared for that possibility are anxious about what it means. Here’s what you need to know about this status. 

This Status Is Neutral

It’s common for people in the SSD appeals process to see “under review” as a bad sign. The truth is that learning that this is under review doesn’t tell you anything about the likely outcome. It simply means that some aspect of the tentative decision–whether approval or denial–is being reviewed. It’s best to try not to stress over what it means in your case and wait until you receive a decision on the matter

There are Multiple Levels To Appeals

It’s important to remember that even if your first or second Social Security disability appeal is denied, you still have options. The entire process includes as many of the following as are necessary:

  • Initial SSD application
  • Request for Reconsideration
  • ALJ Hearing
  • Request for Appeals Council review
  • Appeal to the federal district court

Each level of review offers opportunities that most SSD applicants don’t take full advantage of. For example, reconsideration is usually just a repeat of the original assessment of your application, but by a different person. Many SSD applicants don’t realize that they can submit additional information, such as updated medical records, with their request for reconsideration. 

While many variables go into a Social Security Administration (SSA) decision on these matters, one key factor is how thoroughly you have established your claim. That includes everything from ensuring that your application is complete and accurate to providing the right medical documentation and other supporting evidence. 

A Social Security Disability Benefits Advocate Can Help

At Disability Help Group, we know that the SSD application and appeals process can be daunting. We also know valid claims sometimes get denied simply because the applicant made an innocent mistake or didn’t understand what type of documentation was needed. We have been fighting for disabled workers and their families for years, and know what it takes to assemble the strongest application or appeal possible. 

When you work with an experienced advocate, you won’t have to worry when you receive a status letter or see an unexpected notation in your online account. Our advocates will explain the process to you every step of the way. Call us today at (800) 800-3332 or contact us here now!

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